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Bye Facebook, hello life!

I am about to have a 12 month holiday from Facebook, I wanted to explain why and try and give some reasons why I think their strategy isn’t working for me as a user.

I totally believe that the consumer should be the heart of your proposition and in the early days of Facebook I felt this, new features, making things simple and engaging content – but recently I have lost this feeling.

I had a similar experience historically with Netscape. They had a strong market leadership position and then tried to move beyond the comfortable boundaries (more adverts, less real estate for content, gimmicky features) so sorry Mark, I am leaving you for a while.

The ads are using too much of my personal information, there is little context and the more I try and engage the most Facebook spam I see on my profile. I think Google has the balance right – mainly focusing on contextual text ads when I am searching but giving the majority of real estate to standard search. Facebook has crossed the line to add too many image ads for my liking, but maybe that’s personal.

I am going to try and limit myself to Linkedin (which I use a lot for business purposes) and Twitter for social engagement.

The account on Facebook will remain active but I won’t be checking it or posting. I turned off notifications quite a while ago as this was becoming really annoying for me (again moving beyond my comfort zone of emails).

I may come back but not sure that really there is anything on their that I really can’t get anywhere else!

Bye Mark…