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Second screen viewing

Having informally spoken to many consumers about their TV viewing habits it has become clear that the rise in devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) has changed the way we engage with TV content and advertising.

I used to sit down and watch TV as the only content source in the TV room, but for every one TV screen there are typically 2-3 devices in the room. After xmas day 2011, the rise in traffic from mobile (mainly tablet) devices in the UK was phenomenal. Not only do I consume TV from my tablet, I also surf alongside programming during the advert breaks and actual programme.

Elisabeth Murdoch talked about the impact of this and TV on her life recently at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

TV measurement

Diet Chef have always been a big believer in TV advertising. We were only 4 months old when we started on our first TV advert production and since then have shot an advert pretty much every year.

I regularly speak to Ecommerce companies that think TV is expensive, complex or difficult to measure.

Historically this has been the case but real DRTV advertisers have always included a call to action (phone now, visit our website, call to receive your free gift). Many creative agencies hate “ruining” the ad with an ugly strap or web address, but this is still the number one mistake I see in new advertisers to TV.

The second is measurement, we can all dive into google analytics but doing the same thing for TV is complex, time consuming and riddled with assumptions that usually turn out to be wrong.

If we accept that adoption of TV has peaked in the western world we need to optimise and link with the online world to deliver more value from our hard earned marketing dollars

Otherwise let’s just send them all to Google!