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2nd homes aren’t all they are cracked up to be

I have had a slightly stressful week regarding our holiday home in Nethybridge (www.nethyb.com).

My father in law Frank, who used to own the property (before we rebuilt it) always complained about the hassles of a second home, especially in the highlands where you experience very cold winters. We used to put anti freeze down the toilet before we left it unattended through experience of frozen pipes, toilets, showers etc.

So when we installed a Hotspring hot tub in the euphoria of building the house, we didn’t realise just how much hassle it could be.

I think if we lived there full time it wouldn’t be such an issue, but trying to remotely diagnose issues 250 miles away is pretty tricky.

But the long and short of it is a failure of the main jet pump, 6 days after the end of the 5 year warranty (our Hotspring retailer went bust in the property collapse about 12 months after we bought the thing)

Anyway no local engineer. £250 call out and a £400 part has left me less impressed by Hotspring (www.hotspring.com) and reconsidering recommending these guys.

To be fair we have had 5 years of good service but things start to go wrong and in an expensive way suggests that we may need to move this gadget elsewhere!