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Using a blog to document your business

Both in the startup of Diet Chef and other businesses I have invested in there is a lot of formal and informal communication.

Email, calls, discussions and meetings can sometimes get lost in the day to day trading and business emails that fly back and forth in our businesses.

One of the things that I have used really effectively is blogs. This blog is a public sharing of lots of issues that I find useful to document, but within a business there is lots of discussions and decisions that it is useful to document. A private blog for the founders or senior managers can be a really useful tool for this.

I would suggest that the founder and CEO runs this. They use it to share thoughts on decisions they are going to make, sometimes in startups the “board” meetings are really informal and papers produced are not of the quality of a board when you have PE shareholders.

It is immensely useful to look back on some of the historic posts to understand why you made decisions and to look at formalising measurement. At Diet Chef our original TV campaign was planned this way. We documented the costs, production and media insights we had gathered from experienced companies that had used TV – and set KPI’s for measurement of success.

It is really useful to look back on this even now to understand the challenges that you faced when the business was starting – and how you overcame big strategic issues you faced.

It is easy with WordPress.com to create a site that has invited users, so why not start today and document your journey – even to document all the mistakes you make!!