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Passport Panic

I haven’t had the best of weekends!

Off to Germany and online check in isn’t working. So make it to Edinburgh airport extra early clear security and notice that I have forgotten my passport (yes, that was a bit of an oversight), mad rush back home and a few panic phone calls and I make it back to the airport in time for the flight.

I am now 250km from London at 34,000 feet

Can BA please change the snack from Mediterranean tomato rehydrated potato tubes (12g and still about 80 kcal) to something more exotic or perhaps just change once in a while. I have taken quite a few flights since January (12 return trips) so the novelty of these are wearing off.

I think BA is particularly good but there is some suggestions of or improvements:

Avios points redemption – I would like to be able to buy lounge access vouchers for my extended family. I know this is a business scheme but once or twice a year I do travel with family on BA long haul or just to Europe and I would like to take friends of the kids into the lounge especially since we frequently travel through London from Edinburgh. These connections would be made a little more bearable if we could do this and it’s a good redemption system for Avios as getting flights to certain popular destinations using points is very tricky.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea, and I certainly wouldn’t expect lounges to become too busy.

Come on BA – remember kids are also future business customers and experiencing this is a good way to let them show the differential with other providers. Otherwise I may move my rewards programme elsewhere as I used to find American very good on these things (upgrades online, lounge access, instant upgrades for platinum customers etc)