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Holiday sunset

Well, thats it, as you are reading this we are heading to the airport to fly back to the sunny UK (weather may have been fantastic in the UK but think of all the experiences in China!). It has been a fantastic holiday if not a little tiring at times, we have seen a little snapshot of China in a few weeks, definitely wanting more.

There is some places I would recommend, Shanghai, Beijing and Xian personally being highlights for me. There is culture, city living and ease of access in all of these cities. The culture is very different, Shanghai as the upstart modern skyscraper city, Beijing as the cultural and political heart of China and Xian steeped in history with the Terracotta warriors and city wall.

Most of all I would say come here, experience it and you will be amazed…


Small village


We just stopped in a small village for a toilet stop before heading to the Great Wall, our guide Andy joked that it was quite small with a population of only 800,000, nearly double Edinburgh where we live!

It puts where we live in perspective!

Guest Post – DJ


This holiday has been great but there are some problems…

First the delay from Shanghai to Chengdu with east China airways was 4 hours.

Secondly the food, the food isn’t great here and there are some really disgusting things such as the tofu hot pot in Chengdu I had half a bowl of it then later that night got a burger from room service.

Then there was the “Chicken” it was strange because it was just a tiny bit of meat on a huge bone in batter later the next day we found out it was Chicken feet
I ate Chicken feet!!!!!!!!!
As well as some bad things there has been lots of good things like the hotel in Xi’an some of the food is really nice the Terracotta warriors were amazing, the perl tower was great Shanghai was great all together.

All the guides have been great so far but the best was Helen she was so nice and helpful.

There is one more problem that we are all so tired because we have so much to do in the day and not enough sleep!

Filling some time in on flight to Chengdu

I have rotated, reordered and deleted the first batch of photos from our trip to China on the flight. I am using dropbox to store everything as I only have limited capacity on my MacBook Air. I think Apple have made it expensive and difficult to use the cloud with its desktop apps. I am using around 4 cameras when I am here (2 iPhones and 2 regular digital cameras) and I want to plug everything in, catalogue it and create a backup while using the hotel wifi.

That means that if a camera or computer disappears I am not going to lose lots of great photo memories. I am also trying to use some the the space on my blog to do this.

I must look for a dropbox and WordPress integration – I am sure there is one out there.

Interestingly Twitter and Facebook are now accessible from China so I have been tweeting a little while I have been here. As I said in this post, I am trying to wean myself off Facebook. I find I can’t use too many social networks, and the advertising on Facebook is getting on my nerves.

I am really just using this blog for my own purpose, and I don’t really care if anyone reads it – it’s a great journal of this trip.

So in the end, our flight was delayed for THREE hours, and took of after 3pm instead of 12 noon. I checked online and China Eastern has a pretty bad timekeeping record (0.1 out of 5) on the web. So that ’s 1 in 50 flights on time.

I am assuming that most of the domestic carriers are the same. We have one more flight from Chengdu to Xian and then we try out the train network taking the bullet train between Xian and Beijing.

We will have had 12 nights accommodation (in some nice hotels) in 2 rooms including breakfast in all the hotels. 2 internals flights for the four of us and one bullet train between Xian and Beijing. Included is all the lunches on tour days, pick up at the hotel in a private van and a guide and driver for everyday.

I have to say when you look at that it isn’t such bad value. The only thing that is extra is dinner each day and tips (Oh and Internet access, I can’t live without that).

Internet access so far has cost me around 100 Yuan per day (£10) which in a decent hotel seems in line. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I am not just using this for checking email, I have set the computer up to sync with Dropbox everyday too (overnight).

So I should mention our tour company too – found them on the internet – China Odyssey Tours. Thanks to Kalinda there for helping by email before our trip!