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Donald Russell

I was lucky enough to get a delivery from Donald Russell today.

I thought I would share some of the experiences of the delivery. I am yet to try the product, but really like the customer experience.

The first thing I saw once I had opened the box is a lovely signed thank you card, this instantly makes me feel good about my purchase and what is inside. I haven’t even eaten anything yet, but I feel great. A nice touch to sign each card!


In the envelope below is a mix of money off coupons (for their brand and a few partners), a guide on how to cook meat to perfection and a catalogue. The great thing about all these items is they feel valuable, so will hang around my house for ages (a key trick of direct marketing).

The partner offer (from Naked Wines) is relevant and of high value I like the idea that it doesn’t look like money but seems to be a ‘credit card’, again this will hang around.


The only area that I am not a big fan of is the website, it is quite cluttered and guess what it has a Carousel on the home page so it doesn’t get the high marks for the customer experience post purchase.

I will follow up once I have actually eaten something – may well push a steak into my Sous Vide Supreme.