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March is a big month

March is nearly here and there are a couple of major events.

Freyja is 14 on the 4th March which is a landmark birthday and the planning has begun. Issue is the only thing on the birthday list is a dog which is not on my birthday list!

I thought – futile as it is to give some of the reasons for not wanting to extend the furry family:

1. Time

We are all quite busy with travel, school and other projects which means we could have a dog but this is going to impact on some of the general things we take for granted. The commitment isn’t a short one, I joke with advisors that “an investor is for life not just Christmas” and this sentiment follows onto dogs (actually stolen from that key punch line – a dog is for life not just for christmas) but anyway it is probably 10 years plus lifespan unless I can persuade Freyja we should buy a terminally ill dog (think this is unlikely).

2. Social

No it isn’t because dogs don’t use Facebook yet (actually if you viewed my timeline you would realise that a number of my friends are dogs (yes, sad owners that have created profiles – you know who you are!!) breaching all conditions of the Facebook policies and probably increasing the number of users on Facebook by about 1 billion (remember the valuation is based on the number of active users). The only person winning out of this is Mr Zuckerburg and his team of dogs (conspiracy theorists might note that over 20% of Facebook revenue comes from Zynga named after Mark Pincus dog).

3. Because I might like it

My worse fear is that I might like a pet dog, opening the door to more pets (parrots, chickens, ducks and quails have all been mentioned)

So I have laid my case out, I am sure there will be a vigorous defence mounted by the dog lovers of the household!

The world’s most expensive Scarecrow

We have a problem in the country! Our holiday home in the lovely area of Nethybridge has become a paradise for local wildlife. Our neighbours have some lovely little silkie chickens that the kids decided to feed and we now have 10 every day tapping on the window expecting fed!

Our biggest problem to date is selective feeding of birds and squirrels. The area is renowned for it’s red squirrel population so we have invested in a little squirrel feeder. So the birds haven’t been left out we bough a nice little bird feeder and a very large (in fact huge) 20kg bag of peanuts.

But there is a problem. Any time we fill up the bird feeder we have the local flock of crows eating them in about 15 minutes. Having spent our hard earned cash on the worlds most expensive nuts I have to say I got more than a little annoyed.
Opening the door and clapping my hands every 20 minutes has also worn thin – so it had to be technology to the answer (of course).

Luckily the bird feeder is close to the decked area of the house – and since there is a set of Bose environmental speaker located on the deck linked to the Sonos system it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out there was a better solution.

Firstly off to the RSPB website to find out if the Carrion Crow had any mortal enemies – I thought owl’s or other birds of prey maybe an option (osprey live close by) But having spent an hour downloading MP3 files nothing moved these little blighters.

But finally on a forum for pest control, one post alerted me to the Goshawk which seems to make killing crows one of their main hobbies.

So downloading this simple MP3 – uploading and reindexing the sonos system and creating a “Kill the crow” playlist it was time to try it out.

I plan to get a little Youtube video this week – but confirmation is it works – approx £2,500 of scarecrow – but lets see if they get used to it!

Viral – taken too far

We have been discussing Viral Marketing today, it is a well trodden road with lots of ad agencies, video cameras and car crashes along the way. There is certainly a lot to be said for increasing the brand reputation through using word of mouth and viral marketing can really help do this.

The big problem is that ad agencies all think that viral marketing is about taking a funny, clever ad and posting it to YouTube, Google Video etc. and waiting and that was probably the case when they began to emerge. The big problem now is the first thing people say is “let’s create a viral marketing campaign” which usually means “lets create a quick, cheap and ill conceived ad and stick it online”.

Someone in the office pointed to a well respected Edinburgh ad agency The Union and said let’s go to speak to them. So having browsed their portfolio I stumbled across their video – I have to say too much detail for my liking!! – Ezeedog

New Bunny

Well we went to the pet shop on Saturday and we weren’t going to get anything. Mum asked a lady about the rabbits. She said that we have some other ones in the back of the shop. She brought one out and she said that it was a dwarf bunny. The rabbit didn’t get its injections yet and it was a good age to get them (16 weeks old).  Mum said I could choose if I wanted a rabbit because we were earning points and I had the most. The lady went to get a box to put the rabbit in, we went to look for other things for it’s new home – hay, straw and food (and the bunny!)