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Easter Eggs and Freezing

It has been a great weekend with loads of Easter Eggs, family parties and exceptionally cold weather!

Snow flurries have been threatening in the sky but it so far has been pretty clear if not cold. I have been spending a little more time on Hubdub this weekend trying to get my position back on the (friends) leaderboard.

A few predictions have gone my way and I need a few more over the coming days to gain a few HD$.

I will keep you updated!

Marketing material


Photo by Alistair Croll

Alistair (good Scottish name!) Croll at Bitcurrent snapped a great picture of some of the Hubdub marketing material at DEMO 2008.

OK, we did put some copies in the rest rooms just to save taking them back to the UK on the flight. The newspapers went down really well at the conference and were included in the press room.


What a ten days!


I am now in the lounge about to fly back to the UK from the week long trip where we launched Hubdub at Demo 2008. Nigel and Tom are remaining in the US for the rest of the week to meet with some of the people we met at the conference last week.

Firstly, I want to really thank the entire Hubdub team for the work they have put in over the last few weeks in getting ready, moderating the site and settling questions like mad!

DEMO is a great launchpad and it has really put Hubdub on the map – even to the extent of a fan forum – Hubdub Forum – being created within hours of launch.

The positive customer comments and press coverage has been flying in and it is taking the team a pile of time to get through it and put together a roadmap for new features.

A major thank you to Brian Solis and Miiko Mentz of FutureWorks who supported us at the event. I also noticed that Brian is a fantastic photographer and has really covered Demo and a pile of other events so so well.

I will post more about the people we met and the events we attended over the next few days while I get over the jetlag that I am so (not) looking forward to.