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My name is Kevin Dorren, I live in Edinburgh and have had an interesting if not varied career. So here is the run down.

  1. I am not a geek but have always liked gadgets and technology. I saved £79.95 + P&P to buy a Sinclair ZX80 which I built with my brother in law Hamish. Problem is my maths ain’t much good. Stopped programming after:
    • 10 Print “hello”
    • 20 Goto 10
  2. When I was 16 I tried to persuade Prince’s Trust that the future was in home delivery of Grocery. I wanted a grant to start a business delivering to elderly people and housebound in Edinburgh. I was told – “it will never catch on son – go to University and come back when you are educated and wiser”. OK so I didn’t have a business plan, funding or experience – but I had an idea. Wilshire Farm Foods, Ocado and Tesco seem to do OK out of this.
  3. I then studied Hotel Management at Napier University. Met Claire my now wife and still played on computers a lot.
  4. First job was working at Wheatsheaf Catering an outside caterer based at Hopetoun House, Edinburgh.
  5. Stupidy left this nice secure graduate trainee position to work as a commission only salesperson for an startup energy management company run by Hugh Smeaton.
  6. Quite enjoyed selling, when Delcomm was acquired by East Midlands Electricity I stayed on a while but then moved on to work with Hugh again in a document management company importing a client server solution called Keyfile.
  7. Through Hugh’s son Calum who was a research associate at Heriot Watt University saw Mosaic a little application for something called the World Wide Web.
  8. Scared myself that this was going to be the end of client/server computing.
  9. Tried to help Calum and Alan the founders of Orbital Technologies to look for applications.
  10. Started the Virtual Inn (www.virtual-inn.co.uk) a hotel booking system for small hotels on the internet. Many people said that wouldn’t catch on either. Now owned by Travelocity.
  11. Calum and Alan also had a neat FAQ application that we developed into Organik. A web based Q&A system, used for corporates to share tacit knowledge. It’s a long story but raised VC funding, went public on the techmark index of the London Stock Exchange. Experienced a large correction in valuation (.com crash!) and sold the company to Sopheon an AIM listed company. Also lived in California for a few years and met a few well known living legends like Eric Schmidt (Sun, Novell, Google), Chris Shipley, Tony Perkins, Ann Winblad etc etc.
  12. Sulked for a while
  13. Invested in a few startup companies in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).
  14. Had the idea of selling one day only offers, set up Daily Deal (www.dailydeal.co.uk) didn’t have the financial muscle of Groupon!
  15. I now run Diet Chef (www.dietchef.co.uk) a delivered diet services in the UK
  16. In a circular way decided that the best way to deliver diet is direct to consumer, the programming knowledge comes in handy GOTO LINE 2!!!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Trevor Soprano

    bleep off on dee-on dee -on dee -on dee yootoob ‘not very good in maths’ getton my levul mate

  2. Paul Glover

    Hi Kevin, I had an idea for a business (while loosing a few pounds and £’s on diet chef) and thought you may be interested in doing it yourself as I find myself in much the same position as you were pre Ocado. Perhaps you could perform a similar calorie delivery service for the body building and exercise crowd. Meal building for them is a bit of a nightmare and it seems like something that would be relatively easy to market and build via affiliates and point of sale.

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