It’s my money!

Sometimes you enter a market and existing competitors don’t like it.

Unfortunately for them it is a free market economy that we live in and I can spend my hard earned money on whatever I want!

There are lots of areas that I don’t invest in and OK, like everyone we don’t get everything right on day one, but if we focus on our customers, deliver a great service and product then we will succeed.

If the market doesn’t like our products then we won’t, but without listening to customers and getting feedback we will never know what is wrong and go on to fix it.

Product-Market Fit is something that is very important to us, but it generally doesn’t start with getting everything right. It starts by understanding what is wrong (using measurement, not gut feeling) and fixing it!

I can look at companies, investments or competitors that fail to listen to the customer, most successful ones do listen.

So I am listening, but unless you are a customer please don’t tell me how to do things. If you want to take up the challenge and make a difference to a market we operate in apply for a job.

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