First pictures of Brewhive


So after exactly a year of planning we are launching Brewhive this week.

This is a pure play direct to consumer beer brand.

We have gained a lot of experience over the past decade in FMCG goods to consumers. We are excited about the opportunity and certainly the reaction we have from friends and family when talking about Brewhive has been very positive.

The core concept around Brewhive is still based on convenience and provenance. We let the hops do the talking rather than just letting them be a single line on the ingredient list.

Our core focus over the coming weeks is to gain approx 3,000 customers to test the proposition with. We want to gain feedback on what is good and bad about delivery, range, systems and pricing.

We have already lined up some interesting partnerships for later this year and plan to spend aggressively on customer recruitment and referral over the first 12 months of the brands life.

Interestingly we are avoiding subscriptions. Having tested Subscription v’s No Subscription we have seen a doubling of conversion rate without subscriptions. Products like Diet Chef lend themselves to subscription elements to keep you on track, but most consumers don’t like being tied in to subscriptions.

2 thoughts on “First pictures of Brewhive

  1. Stevan Popovic

    Hey Kevin,

    You mention in the post – “Products like Diet Chef lend themselves to subscription elements to keep you on track”. What specifically about Diet Chef lends itself to a subscription? Are there a few factors which you would say are “subscription appropriate” for products. I ask because I’m interested in subscription businesses and for what types of products they may or may not be suitable. Any help is appreciated.


  2. kdorren Post author

    I don’t think there are hard and fast rules. Generally subscription lowers conversion, so if you can do without it – then avoid.

    In the specific example of Diet Chef it helps customers to achieve their weight loss goals knowing they don’t need to worry about ordering every month.

    Test and learn is the only solution to answer your question!

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