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Brewhive update


So we launch early August (it has been a long journey and there were points we were going to give up!) but we are really pleased with the results.

  • We have a great launch range of beers
  • We have really spent time and effort to make sure the experience for our customers is fantastic.
  • We have done cardboard engineering beyond belief to ensure that the product gets to you in tip top condition

In addition we have made sure that our logistics operation is in place to deal with volume and speedy delivery (next day in most parts of the UK)

The journey to launch Brewhive has been quite a long one. We first spoke about it in July 2014 and it has taken over a year to get the brand and products to a stage that we are happy to launch.

To celebrate we have sponsored a fringe show Confessional by Tennessee Williams which runs from next week.

In an interesting bit of history my first job when leaving college was running 5 bars in the Assembly Rooms. Little did I know that many years later I would be launching a beer brand during the Edinburgh Fringe!

Edinburgh Scotland is now a tech hub!


© Mrdoomits | - Edinburgh Castle Photo

The recent announcement that Fanduel has raised over $275m in investment brings new hope to technology startups in Scotland.

It has been a long time coming but a few “unicorns” are appearing with Skyscanner and Fanduel leading the way.

The great thing about this is that this tech revolution will inspire others to take the leap to startup themselves.

I was lucky enough to be the first angel investor in Fanduel way back in early 2008 when it was called Hubdub (they then changed the focus to daily fantasy sports). What always impressed me was the team of Nigel, Lesley, Tom, Rob and Chris. They had a very good shared vision and a great working relationship with clear leadership from Nigel.

One of the first things that I love to invest in is good teams, and it was clear from every conversation in a coffee shop on Marchmont Road (which unfortunately isn’t there anymore!) that this was a great team.

Late 2007 and early 2008 was not a great time for tech investing. Most of the angels had l”left the building after nursing losses during the dotcom bust. Luckily I had a few great contacts to share the first angel round with in Ian Ritchie and Andy Allan who both were impressed by the team as much as me.

It is still early days for Fanduel and there is much to do in a much more competitive landscape than a few years ago (Yahoo and Pokerstars both are entering the space).

I am really hopeful that we will see more activity from other tech companies such as TVsquared (I am also an investor here), Mallzee and a bunch of other companies at Codebase. Good luck to them all