If you make the $1b valuation club you become a Unicorn.

There are not that many UK based (or even Scottish Unicorns). It looks like Fanduel is driving it’s way to join this club.

I met Nigel, Tom and Rob in Black Medicine in Parchment in around 2008. I will dig out exact dates, but I was instantly impressed by each and everyone of them. Rob and Tom were friends from Wales that had design and coding experience, Nigel was a St Andrews grad that had worked at McKinsey, Betfair, Flutter and Johnston Press.

They had the drive and vision to build something big. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that 6 years later they would be joining the $1b club.

I visited Nigel and Rob recently at their UK offices in Edinburgh. The facilities were up there with any other silicon valley start up I have visited. The drive and confidence has grown over the years and they are at the top of their game.

It just shows that a small amount of funding can be the baby step to building an amazing business in a few short years. It is truly amazing!

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