The power of loyalty


I logged into my Amazon Prime account tonight to order a few Xmas presents.

Amazon Prime is a major bonus for Amazon and great for customers too. I noticed in 2014 that I had ordered from Amazon 120 times!!

That is 11 months, so over 11 orders per month from Amazon. I could count on a single hand the number of orders online from other vendors.

We discussed the power of loyalty for Fine Coffee Club on Friday and one of the things we decided to implement is a VIP club. Inspired (as in copied) from Zappos, we plan to offer an upgrade to First Class delivery for customers who spend more than a couple of hundred pounds, its a small touch but great for us and also great for the customer.

I am just too lazy to try and shop around – even on the Amazon Marketplace – quick delivery is so important to me.

Claire will not order from an apparel site if they don’t offer Free Returns – so it isn’t just me!

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