Net Promoter Score

At Fine Coffee Club we have integrated NPS (Net Promoter Score) into the system and after 28 days you automatically get a NPS survey request.

It is broken down into a few areas:


It is pretty simple and although not using the classic 10 point score it covers website, delivery, capsules and coffee. The comment box is followed up by our customer services team on a daily basis to ensure that the loop is closed on comments. Positive or negative comments are individually dealt with and marked as dealt with within the system.

It really has allowed us to focus on the issues within the business and stopped us spending time on the wrong issues. There is a lot of opinion about delivery, website etc but the NPS score clearly identifies the issues based on what customers think (putting customers at the centre of the feedback loop)

I have some great stats that really allow the team to make some major decisions – all from customer feedback.

Ignore it at your peril!

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