Sticking at it..

Lots of startup businesses give up at the first sign of problems. This is a great pity, as running a business is really an endurance race rather than a sprint.

Unfortunately most business stories we read about skip over the years of effort, planning, experience and knowledge that go into most startups. Founders are often looking for short cuts for growth or get rich quick schemes.

I know from personal experience is that although it takes much longer to get to a comfortable business state when a journalist speaks to me I skip conveniently over the years of hard work and obstacles that you need to overcome.

The excitement of starting up is usually dulled by the focus, knocks and diversions that happen in everyday business.

The simplest way to get over this is not to set unrealistic timescales – something that entrepreneurs really struggle with – they are all optimists.

When will it get easier when running a business – the answer is really never!

But we don’t do it for an easy life, if we did we would be working in a nice comfortable cozy job, clocking off at 5.30 and not taking the worries and issues home with us everyday.

It sounds attractive, but I would much rather forge my own destiny.

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