I have kept my views on Independence to myself and don’t really want to share them here, my current issue really is the level of uncertainty.

I have lived in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Chester, Rosyth (yes really!), Palo Alto, Nethybridge and Edinburgh. I typically travel to London or further afield every 1-2 weeks and spend quite a lot of time visiting different parts of the world. Cultural identity is very important to me, I think of myself as Scottish and have used that to my advantage when travelling around the world (especially in Silicon Valley).

But the issue is the world is global, I spent last summer in China and it reminded me how small a country Scotland is (Approx 5m) compared to places like Shanghai (14m). There is nothing wrong with being a small country, but we live in a global economy. I work hard and pay taxes (In Scotland), employ people (In Scotland) and enjoy the benefits of a great health service, education system and living in a small village that is Scotland.

The issue I hate most about the independence decision is it’s for life (or 300 years perhaps), it is an incredibly important decision for everyone and shouldn’t be taken lightly. None of the political parties have really explained some of the major issues I face as a business person and employer:

  1. Currency

How can we use another countries currency and have total fiscal responsibility? It doesn’t seem possible, so Scotland needs its own currency. This is likely to devalue in the short term at least, so how is this going to impact employment, taxes, interest rates etc. This is VERY important to avoid economic uncertainty that would definitely impact everyone in Scotland in the short term.

  1. Employment

How competitive can we be as employers, I run an e-commerce business that is dependent on a large customer base in the rUK not just Scotland, how will independence impact costs of transport, courier, staff costs. These are all issues that impact how competitive our business is compared with the rUK and international competitors.

  1. Investment

How can we make investment at this stage of the debate, we can’t so we need to understand the likely impact over the next 12-24 months of any decision. This can only have a negative impact on my business.

I totally agree that it would be great to be independent if we knew all the facts. We don’t – so I think we are letting our heart rule our head.

Any vote is going to be marginal either way, not a good start to further devolved powers or independence.

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