Starting up in Scotland is a benefit

I read with interest this article that Silicon Valley isn’t about startups anymore. I can understand the logic of this as VC is now a scale game too – bigger funds with roughly the same number of partners (to keep income high!) does mean that you can’t do so many deals.

Small deals require as much work as larger ones and the amount of money you can put to work in a large deal just makes it much more attractive.

This does offer some advantages to being in Scotland. When I ran Orbital you needed a large chunk of money to even build the product. There was no web services, content management systems or API’s. Now all that is available pretty instantly to anyone with good programming ability.

Lots of billion dollar companies have been build without having to create the plumbing that we required in the heady technology boom days of the late 90’s. So you can be a sole developer or small team in Scotland and build significant technology companies with little capital.

In fact, I am now a great believer that less money equals better decisions, you really need to concentrate on the product and once you reach scale, you can always attract big name VC’s to your business (like Skyscanner!).

So concentrate on the user and the customer problem you are solving and don’t get distracted with thinking about fund raising as an excuse to not getting started…

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