This is Tom

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In less than 12 hours I am picking up one of the most technologically advanced cars on this planet. I have been waiting for over 12 months for this car, and have been logging on everyday to get a status update.

I have struggled with what to name it, but it has to be called Tom (Tesla Tom). Why is a deeply personal story. Tom was my Uncle and the owner of many technical innovations that inspired me. He owned a lot of different cars in his life and loved the technological innovation the newest model brought.

In addition he inspired me in two ways – my father died when I was quite young, and at 13 I had no idea what to do. Tom was someone who left school, got an apprenticeship and became an electrician. In addition he then studied and worked to get an Open University degree while still working full time and looking after a growing family.

He also bought a BBC microcomputer – something that to me is has similarities to the Tesla I have bought today. It is a new technology entering our home – most people didn’t think it would “catch on” but Tom did and so did I.

I have spent my career living on the edge of technology – where most of my friends think I am mad or weird (OK I give you that!) but that is the spirit of Tom.

In addition at Orbital he was our first landlord after we left the garage to Corbiehill Road, Davidson Mains and believed in Calum, Alan and I to rent us some space, when most people laughed.

I will check the stats with Alan, his son – but I am sure he owned more than one car (52 to be precise!) – Tom, this is for you, an all electric innovation – all the way from Silicon Valley.

All I need to do now is drive the 404 miles back to Edinburgh!

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