The power of personalisation

The great thing about the Internet is the ability to personalise.

Your dialogue online feels one to one, but once you move into FMCG brands it becomes incredibly hard to personalise.

There are two companies that I feel really have taken both product & customer experience to the next level. Amazingly they had the same founder, so I am sure lessons learned have been applied across each of these brands – it is of course and, both founded by Graham Bosher and team.


Here is my first delivery from – a fantastically personalised menu profile and bag of food.

It just gives me such a great feeling when I receive this level of personalisation.

It instantly created word of mouth in the office and I handed out 3 refer a friend discount codes within 5 minutes.

So if you run an e-commerce business think of offline personalisation and online personalisation – they go hand in hand…

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