Burger Meats Bun – Edinburgh


Opened recently on 1 Forth Street (the old site of Urban Angel) in Edinburgh is Burger Meats Bun, a new restaurant concept that has made it’s way over the M8 from Glasgow.

Anyone who has wandered the streets of Glasgow will recognise this “institution” and its great location on West Regent Street.

So a free Saturday we headed down for a look after a wander into Edinburgh through the Meadows.

The decor is really subtle and although the site isn’t as bright and airy as the Glasgow location, they have done a great job with the space. We managed to get a fantastic table in the window rather than downstairs which we were initially offered (I would recommend upstairs!). The menu is simple and focused on the core ingredient – Burgers.

I choose a chicken burger and some wings at the side. Tasted great and served simply in wax paper with a sticker identifying the variant.


This is Claire’s original cheeseburger – it does have the addition of some pickles from both DJ & Freyja’s burger and some extra salad that she found lying around – so is slightly bigger than it should be! The brioche roll is amazing, a lovely dark glazed roll with sweet fluffy bun. I do find that sometimes the bun can go super soggy once the juices run out of the burger patty, but not here..


My only criticism is no kids menu or offering. It is a huge burger and even a 13 and 16 year old (and a 45 year old) struggled to finish it. I think a simple smaller version would be welcome for anyone with a smaller appetite, it would also leave room for pudding which we were sorely tempted to try.

I love burger joint concepts and have spent many years researching and looking at suitable locations for a “diner” concept in Edinburgh. I yearn for the all day breakfast of the Creamery in Palo Alto and a slice of meatloaf during a late afternoon meeting. Take a look at some of the photos


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