Why asking prospects really helps..Part One

I thought I would produce a bit of log of how you can get really simple feedback from prospects why they are not buying.

In my previous post I talked about building it and they will come. The frustration of launching a website and not becoming rich overnight (it never happens!).

So how do you garner feedback. I have found one of the best ways is a simple plain text email. Here is an example I have used at Diet Chef.


I don’t think it could be any simpler. Make sure the email actually comes from you and not an info@ address. It just asks a simple open ended question and if you are polite it is amazing how much feedback you get.

You can automate this quite easily with tools like Mail Chimp, but make sure you use a plain text email. Otherwise it looks too corporate!

Reply to each email that you receive personally and make sure you listen to the items that are brought up.

It is the smallest of small thing that can knock you off an online journey, and over the next few posts I will try and give examples of things that I have seen, no matter how minor

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