Divided by a common language!

So you have implemented your automated or manual “Can you help” email.

Don’t expect 100’s of emails, but once you get a few, start to use the information and action it.

Here is great example from the Diet Chef US checkout process, it involved one letter that was wrong, but caused a prospect to stop the process and abandon.

I don’t know how many more did this but I thought it was a really interesting example of how minor things can throw off the purchase process.


So when adding a delivery or billing address you are presented with this form. It looks great to me, clear, simple format.

But there is a typo in it. It’s one single letter Organization not Organisation in US English.

The customer told me that although they knew we were a UK company, it worried them and they abandoned.

We have fixed it of course and will keep you updated on the results.

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