Build it and they will come


One of the things I see a lot with startups is “the product is finished”

The product is never finished. You can get really frustrated having spent lots of time creating a website, product and crafting every word on the site. You push the site live and….


Nothing, no orders, no nothing…

You ask everyone that you know to check the site out. Someone says they don’t like the home page image – you like it.

Still no orders..

Two weeks go by, you have stock gathering dust in your warehouse.

Still no orders

You begin to panic

Still no orders

So what next – suicide, defeat, give up, change the product, shred the stock?

No – wait!

I have to say that over the years the difference between success and failure is so so slim. You need to work on finding out what is going on. Looking at Google Analytics doesn’t really help too much. You could ask a consultant or expert – but there are some really simple things to do.

  1. Ask the prospect

In a retailer environment if 1000 people came into your shop and immediately left – you would at least ask a few why they didn’t buy….Do this asap in anyway

You can do this with a follow up email if you have anyone’s contact details. Send them a simple text email asking for some feedback.

If you don’t have this put some live chat software on your site and use this to offer proactive chat to people in the checkout. It’s not rocket science.

If they don’t engage with you the traffic you are driving isn’t great – think about changing your source of traffic. I can be sure that anyone that is interested will tell you why they don’t buy.

Keep going back to improve your site with feedback directly from prospects anytime that sales dry up. Primary research can’t be beaten!

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