Google Glass review

Google Glass went on sale on the 23rd June at 17.27, I had ordered by 17.30. I just thought it would be interesting to see what they were like.

I have to say, having come home today and opened the box, I only can say one this – disappointed.

I know you look pretty stupid but I was hoping for something a little more than a headset for my mobile phone. In the UK wifi isn’t quite so prevalent as it is in the US (not in Scotland anyway) so really you need to be tethered to your phone via Bluetooth and a personal hotspot.

Firstly the call quality is terrible, it is a lovely interface and very convenient for taking video of the odd snap, but no more convenient than having a phone in your pocket.

Here are a few snaps:


The ability to shoot video is quite cool, but I think really it is slightly too complex and an expensive peripheral to my phone.

So ihey are heading back to Google tomorrow. Unfortunately their customer service is pretty shocking and I have spent most of the night trying to return it! I tried OK Glass return…but that didn’t work.

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