Chargemaster Charging Issues

For anyone expecting a Tesla Model S, the importance of installing a home charging point is high on the list. I personally have found this a nightmare, especially as there are limited providers in Scotland to proide the government supported installation.

My house has a garage which is approximately 20m away from the mains supply. There is cabling but this goes through a consumer unit within the house, then a second one in the garage.

There is a 32a breaker in the house and similar in the second consumer unit.

I contracted with Everwarm to install which was completed last week. They installed the Chargemaster Homecharge I 30 A (White H7T2T unit). This is a Type 2 Tethered unit (see photo below).

(The box)

(Installation complete)

All was well at 30a for around 20 minutes and then the Chargemaster unit developed the red light fault, charging stopped.
Reset and same again around 15 minutes later. We reduced the input to 20a and all worked OK, anyone else had a similar problem.
Voltage is around 237v, it is a little way from the main supply so might be voltage drop, but not expert enough to comment!
Have posted on Tesla Forum, emailed Chargemaster and will email Everwarm too.

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