Citizen M – an amazing hotel concept that is a reality…


I happened to stay in Citizen M in New York recently you can read my review on Tripadvisor.

The world is moving more and more to a division of convenience and luxury. Luxury is all about an undiscovered experience, extra information, facilities or gems. Convenience is all about making it simple.

Hotels are horribly complex organisations, labour intensive and hard to use as a consumer. Citizen M really changes all this. It isn’t a box, its all the things you need as a traveller:

  • Wifi
  • A clean, functional and uniform room
  • Good access
  • Quick service

All these things are pretty much prerequisites for a business traveller but by being a new startup Citizen M can just do these things better than most. Their locations seen to good but not amazing, their service in New York was outstanding, but it has only opened a few months ago.

Checking in to London Bankside wasn’t quite the same as the zippy New York service – but it was close for London!

So if you are staying anywhere that Citizen M runs a hotel – stay there!!

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