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I was speaking and participating in last night’s Supper Club in Glasgow on Sales & Revenue Growth.

I shared lots of experiences of how it is really hard to create a real “product” not just a service trying to pretend it’s a product. I also talked a lot about listening to customers. At Diet Chef we are founded on the principle of listening to customers (that doesn’t mean we don’t add our own opinion).

It reminded me of one of the very important aspects of Diet Chef’s principles – writing it down.

My co-founder Andrew wrote lots of the issues, challenges and successes down in a blog. It was only internally available and was very useful as I lived 150 miles away from the ‘action’ when Diet Chef was based.

This allowed me to read feedback, thought and challenges and for Andrew he was able to spent time distilling some of the issues onto a piece paper.

So, although a lot of the content that I write on this blog is read by others – it is really for me – not anyone else – sorry!

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