Yesterday, I bought more Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) based on nothing more than a dip in the stock price.

The stock has pretty much moved constantly upwards since mid November. I bought another tranch to ride that momentum on 15th November. I paid around $45 a share at that time, so was feeling pretty pleased a month later.

I still am an amazing Twitter fan. I think there is so many logical extensions for the brand – but I see TV as the most logical. They really get TV and the intersection of real social interaction.

I think this level of social interaction is so much more interesting than Facebook’s attempt to become a yearbook.

So I am a long term holder, and we will see what happens. I am planning to hold for as long as I can keep my nerve – if nothing else I might reduce my exposure in the New Year but will keep my first few tranches.

Disclaimer: I am usually wrong – my investment advice should be ignored at all costs!

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