Malcolm Walker – you are my hero


I have been watching the three part documentary about Iceland Foods on BBC2 recently. Having also lived through the horse meat crisis (again something we had nothing to do with and all our products were clear) it is very interesting TV to me!

I sense that Malcolm is intuitively a great retailer, he understands what customers want (even though many in the press turn their noses up at Iceland) and delivers it to his customers in a cost effective and efficient manner. There are many lessons from this for anyone starting a business and also for e-commerce companies in general.

Firstly be know for something – anything! and stick to the knitting – don’t confuse your customers – I especially liked the bit about naming products – why use fancy language when simple naming of your product makes things clearer. I see this again and again and it’s a pet hate of mine. Use simple English to describe the product not flowery language.

There are so many good lines in the program, I really feel I am part of the team. So watch it for yourself – and learn that sometimes retailing is about having great people, fantastic products and delivering a great service to your customers – it’s easy!

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