Black Book of mistakes

Most entrepreneurs are scared of making mistakes. They usually have a vast amount of personal equity in any business, let alone potential wealth tied up. They work long hours, fixate about the product and sell to everyone. They need to be totally positive especially with their stakeholders (usually the most important one is their family).

Spending vast amount of time working, missing important family events due to work commitments and driving themselves to exhaustion is quite normal (but hey, they still love it!)

Mistakes are the Dementor of startups, they suck the life out of decision making, causing fear, uncertainty and doubt.

So to counteract this, I have a book of mistakes. Here it is:


I carry this around with me with 1/2 page per mistake. Its pretty full!

The really important thing is not to make the same mistakes twice, but recognising that you are either open to or accept that you will make mistakes is pretty important.

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