Twitter and TV


I heard Don O’Leary talk about TV and Twitter yesterday. It got me thinking that looking at twitter response as a new source to TVsquared could be really interesting.

For me some campaigns are about measure the brand response and the direct response. Moving and measuring the Twitter response using some of the very clever attribution math that TVsquared has developed could be very powerful.

Social is on every brands agenda, but measuring the impact has been traditionally linked to response.

Andrew (my cofounder at Diet Chef) always told this fantastic analogy about the difference between response and sales.

He mentioned there was a Celtic shop at Glasgow airport. During a Celtic away game in Europe there is increased traffic (footfall) at Glasgow Airport. For this retailer traffic (response) and sales soar! During a Rangers away game, traffic also increases, but sales drop off a cliff. So measuring response alone isn’t enough, this has to be tied through to sales!

Working with Twitter on this problem could be really interesting and take Brand response to the next level.

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