Friday Funny – My CV

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I have never really applied for any jobs since I left University, which is quite odd.

I was once asked if I would like to apply for a job with a large public sector body. I thought about it and although I didn’t see it likely to go anywhere, I thought that I would!

So the next problem arose when I was asked to send in a CV. I hadn’t written one for 10 years and apart from the odd bio that I had, it was pretty hard to pull together my hodgepodge career (I am not sure you can call it a career really!) Into any sensible, logical order.

A day before the closing date I started to panic. I didn’t even have a template so I went through an old e-mail inbox and looked at the CV of someone that I thought had great formatting (I am sure that will swing the job!)

I started editing it and got distracted so had to crash through it before the 17:00 deadline for submission.

Amazingly I got an interview!!

I think everything went well up until the last 10 minutes (everyone tells me that is quite important as it leaves the entire impression that you discuss post interview).

One of the panel (yes this was a panel interview!!) then totally floored me by asking about my interests. Post Modern Architecture, The works of Picasso and Kite surfing.

At this point I went completely RED! I suddenly realised that I had not properly checked the CV pagination (I blame online submission!) and had forgot to delete the killer CV formatters interests from the bottom of my application.

I then totally fell apart a little like Spud in Trainspotting (except there were no drugs involved!)

Needless to say I didn’t get the job and started Diet Chef instead – so thank you to the panel for pushing me again into self employment, I am much better at interviewing than being the interviewee.

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