Forward TV Event

I attended an event this afternoon on TV Advertising for Online Businesses run by Forward Internet Group in London.

They surveyed a group of marketing directors of e-commerce businesses and a large percentage of them used TV to drive response and sales.

The range of budget for creative was from £6,000 to £350,000 which is an amazing range. How you could spend £350,000 on a creative is unfathomable to me.

In addition measurement really was pushed back to Google Analytics which to me seems amazingly blunt as a tool. We all know TV creates response but does it actually result in sales. Even if it creates response which channels, day parts, creatives etc worked, surely you need to know that?


Best quotations from the presentations:

“TV delivers ‘Known Unknowns’ for seatwave – Guy Hands seeing the seatwave TV ad.

“Most advertising in a mature consumer economy is about trying to differentiate a parity product in a crowded marketplace”

“Most disruptive online brands the product IS the differentiation – show the product!”

Don O’Leary from Twitter also talked about the Social Soundtrack of TV, a link between TV and social networking. Volumes of tweets mirroring what is happening on TV.

90% of online public conversations about TV happen on Twitter.

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