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Lunch at Honours

It’s my Birthday today, and I haven’t made it to The Honours since the restaurant opened.

So this return visit was a little quieter, and with the fringe festival over – relaxing!

Service is always impeccable and as soon as you walk through the door, you feel very relaxed – even though the service is attentive.

Before Martin Wishart took over this restaurant, we ate there in the 90s when it was Cosmo’s.


Claire started with a wicked ‘Honours Martini’, which looked and tasted fantastic. I stuck to a glass of chilled white wine. My slight concern is over the colour of the cushions and stools, apart from that the decor is sophisticated and classic brasserie. We sat and sipped our drinks for about 25 minutes before being lead through to the restaurant – no rush – which for me is quite important.

The set menu was a little simple for our liking and I have overloaded with Pork Belly throughout the UK and at home, so we chose a starter and main course from the brasserie menu.

Claire chose the Spelt Risotto, which was very nicely presented and complimented with the crunch of hazelnuts, softness of the mozzarella and creaminess of the spelt risotto. Personally spelt is an ingredient that is highly underrated and even Diet Chef has a killer spelt risotto on the menu. I chose the Parmesan and Potato Gnocchi which was a small starter portion – but perfect for me. Too many times in Italians you are overloaded with Gnocchi and it ruins your main course – not here – beautifully presented.


We chose a bottle of http://www.littlebeauty.co.nz/ Pinot Noir, which was a little heavy for the starter but perfect for my rib eye that came next!


If there is one thing a good brasserie should get is a Josper Charcoal Grill. 650C is a kinda hot temperature but it works perfectly. Finished with a Madeira glaze and classically garnished with some tomatoes. The only sides to go with this – French Fries and creamed spinach!


Claire chose the Rabbit, nicely presented, it was finished with a mustard sauce.


Service was excellent, I finished with a espresso and Claire asked for the bits of the steak I had left for Bertie – what a lucky dog!

We will be back soon, I am sure!

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You have acquired lots of customers, spent ages getting feedback from them and delivered a first class fast delivery service.

You then move on and say – “let’s get more customers”, fantastic, but don’t forget the customers you acquired yesterday, last week or a few months ago.

If nothing else, send them news, it doesn’t have to be an offer email with a discount but at least communicate with them.

It is amazing that even a very generic email with updated products, reviews or updates from the company can boost sales. They remind me as a consumer that you care about me, and sometimes they outperform emails with offers, so add them to your mix.

If nothing else, send email saying you care, its amazing what you will get back in return – usually a nice boost in sales!