Automate or die

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Consumer e-commerce businesses still mainly treat their online businesses as either an additional channel (another shop!) or a whole new way or selling. This is just not true.

Again and again I see compromises of their online strategy. Amazon has yet to open any stores, so why should you.

The major benefit online gives you is the cost of servicing a consumers demand. That is why it is so compelling, it gives you a cost effective way to make the consumer happy, that’s what you should care about.

When supermarkets took hold in the UK, the high street as we know it was destroyed – not overnight, but it did happen. The out of town/big box retailers feel just like my local greengrocer – who can’t cope with the efficiencies that scale brought.

So get over it, for the consumer it is great to have competition and even better to have an alternative. Taxation isn’t the solution – you should automate your business and reduce costs of servicing your customer – or die!

This is just as relevant if you are offline (take Lidl or Aldi as great examples in the grocery retail space).

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