Daily Archives: August 25, 2013

Bad things happen for those that wait!

All e-commerce companies send email, either transactional or offer related. Most get very excited about the technology to deliver email, create automated conversion processes and manage communications journeys.

At Diet Chef I had the honour for the first 12 months of creating most of the emails. We used an off the shelf email package called Vertical response that forced us to upload a list at that stage to email. That was pretty simple, I could manage that but I spent most of the time thinking about what I was going to communicate with the prospect, not the delivery mechanism.

We have subsequently moved around a bit for email provision and have had some pretty bad experiences along the way (we are pretty happy with where we are now!!).

So what are the things you should try and get over when using email? My experience of partnering with QVC really helped me think about the holy grail of direct marketing. A very wise head of merchandising said to me “Bad things happen to those that wait”. The principle of TV shopping is around creating urgency, we all watch TV, but why should we order NOW! That is what you are trying to create in the QVC show format. A really well selected product, well presented and limited availability. If I don’t buy now – bad things will happen!!

Every time I sit down to write an offer email, I think of this. In addition I always want to hit the customer between the eyes, from the subject line to the creative. You will take hours over creating your email but the prospect will only glance at it for seconds, get them hooked (QVC is very, very good at that!)

Since it’s the bank holiday weekend in the UK (a key period for retail) I thought it would be worth looking at some creative I like and hate!

Here is my wife’s Claire’s promotions tab in gmail, just for today! So which email do I open – even before I look at the offer?


Most of these offer a limited time offer, the ones that don’t I am going to ignore. FREE P&P isn’t enough for most consumers so for me BrandAlley missed a trick by not putting that last. I would have put Fendi Bags, Juicy Couture CLEARANCE + FREE P&P this weekend only. So I am now down to a few emails Cocosa and M&S, so here are their respective creatives:

Firstly most images don’t load automatically, so this is what I saw:


With the images loaded:


For me Cocosa is the hands down winner, simpler clearer image, using the text subject line more effectively.

So think about your creative often and test and change too!