Daily Archives: August 23, 2013

Fast or right?

Sometimes startups can’t work out should they do things right or quickly.

There is always a balance around this to ensure that you don’t compromise too much, but if you want to do things quickly this usually requires compromises. In my opinion things go wrong when you don’t recognise the compromises you have made or try to remain committed to a deadline that is unrealistic (based on the compromises you agreed) and then move the goal posts.

So it is really important in the startup (especially launch phase) to make sure that you list and agree the compromises you are going to make.

I have made lots of mistakes in this area in the past, so know that the balance between fast and right is a fine one.

But again, opinion ends up clouding our thoughts and the more we discuss things with colleagues the more unsure we get. So if you want to do something fast, make sure the team is lean, you have set a goal and you understand the compromises you are willing to make before you start!