Sous vide

I am a proud owner of a Sous Vide Supreme, a lovely little water bath for domestic use.

For those of you that don’t know what Sous Vide is – it is a slow water cooking system popularised by Novell Cuisine in the 1980’s. Most viewers of Masterchef the professionals, will have seen commercial versions of these in Michelin starred restaurants throughout the country.

Best for a nice steak or pork belly, the domestic version was developed by a low carb doctor who was sick of the conventional methods of cooking and felt that retaining the cooking liquid and cooking at a lower temperature would have lots of benefits.

Firstly, you vacuum pack your ingredients into a bag, and set the temperature for cooking and just pop the meat into the water. As the water is at a set temperature the food can’t really overcook as the temperature is controlled within +/- 1C. Ideal for steaks when you have lots of people coming round, just stick the steaks on and enjoy a few drinks with your friends, once ready to serve all you need to do is flash finish the steaks and serve.

I would highly recommend these to the home cook who has everything!

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