I love mail order


I stumbled across some of these classic mail order ads in a market in York a few years ago.

I thought that it is worth looking at how little marketing has changed and use this as a template for web page design. Firstly, make sure the price is clear on the page, use a high contrast font on a simple background and feature a picture of the product. So far, so good.

The bottom left hand side of the page is trying to ensure that you trust the supplier. The 10 day no obligation offer gets the product into your hand, and the export award shows that the company is trusted even by her majesty (that’s great product endorsement)

Finally, the call to action on the right, classic cut out and mail coupon (I suggest still using this in your ads as it has such major visual impact no one is left with any doubt that this advert is trying to sell you something!)

Just one point – LOTS of copy on the page, don’t let your designer try and remove the quantity of copy as this is pretty essential to engage the customer in the sales process.

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