Direct marketing – offline lessons to learn

There are a few fantastic bloggers out there who are great at the art of direct marketing and especially copywriting.

Many e-commerce companies shy away from copy and add lots of lovely graphics to make their website look pretty, my view is this kills conversion doesn’t improve it.

I am sure I will have a completely separate rant on sliders and carousels that designers love so much, but in the meantime here are a few suggestions and posts on copy.

Drayton Bird Nice little Youtube intro for one of his handy hints – get to the point!

Not somewhere for anyone who is offended by rants or easily shocked, he has some interesting blog post on there and I have followed them for years.

If your creative sucks, try his 7 deadly sins and how to improve your results.

If nothing else, learning to write a simple letter that sells the benefits of your product or service is a great starting point

PS. I love to use PS in any communication to reinforce the point, check out Drayton Bird’s website

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