Carousels are for fairgrounds, not e-commerce sites


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Rant warning: I hate Carousels (not the ones in the picture above)

Conversion killer 101 are carousels, the doyen of web designers everywhere, why use one image when you can use more than three.

Here is a test. Print 3 random pictures out, hold them up to an unsuspecting stranger and ask them what you are selling. You will of course have confused them initially with your random change of image, but trying to navigate them to a route of purchase is pretty hard.

So why use them (good question) – well that’s the thing about the web, it is easy to change things and in the physical world you would never change your shop front every 5 seconds randomly. They usually appear when there is confusion within the communication hierarchy or the CEO demands a picture of their daughter on the website because she looks great!

There is lots of evidence that they kill conversion – has a good discussion here about them, I totally agree!

Now if you are not trying to sell anything and your website is a useless information source (probably like this one), then hell ye – add some random graphics, but if you want to increase your conversion rate – DON’T.

Just like the fairground, carousels create vision blur, nausea and induce gut wrenching movement – or is it just me?

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