Startup 2.0

I am pretty jealous of the infrastructure that Andrew has built for Fine Coffee Club, he has automated everything from customer support, despatch, reorder and a bunch of other things.

Generally you don’t get things right first time, but entrepreneurs who has experience in a similar e-commerce arena are much quicker at building something the second time around. There are lots of examples – Graham Bosher at Graze, built a fab new platform but wouldn’t have done this so easily if it hadn’t been for Lovefilm which he cofounded. The team at Tool station had the same issue having ironed out the good and bad of e-commerce infrastructure at Screwfix.

The one thing these guys and Andrew all have in common is they have not downloaded or bought a third party e-commerce platform but built it themselves with internal teams.

Money and investment don’t really solve the infrastructure and platform question as it is really experience that the entrepreneurs I give as example about bring to the new startup.

Angels typically like to invest in first time entrepreneurs, VC’s prefer someone who has been around the block a few times so they have become more pragmatic about how a business should run and less idealistic.

There are exceptions of course, and just because you have run a company before doesn’t mean that the market or product your choose is going to work, but it sure helps.

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