The power of trust

Most e-commerce companies really struggle to get trust sorted. Why should I trust that the purchase I make is going to come on time, will they steal my credit card number?

To increase conversion think about the issue of trust very carefully. How are we going to address this against many of our competitors? The web is full of providers of the same or similar service so I need a way to stand out from the crowd.

At Diet Chef in the early days we added a prominent phone number to the front of the website to try and give prospective customers the feeling that we were a real company with people at the end of the phone should they need it. We also used this to try and find out what was stopping our prospective customers from buying. Since most of the phone calls came to me initially I was able to use this to try and find out what problems or fears we needed to overcome.

Today, there are many other less labour intensive ways to increase trust – one of the most popular is reviews. We use Trustpilot for our own review service but there is a host of other third party suppliers.

Not only do our customers like to submit these reviews but they also give us some weight within the community as you can now use them within your search results on Google (see below).


This relative review performance gives the consumer the benefit of knowing about scale and increases click through. We try and use reviews as much as possible.

The e-commerce industry is not the only people to use reviews, I took this snap this morning while out in the Edinburgh Fringe showing the trusted reviews from third parties. When there are thousands of shows to choose from – reviews really help.


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