Setting up e-commerce tracking

It is amazing how many e-commerce sites don’t set up Google Analytics properly to allow fantastic data driven insights.

Google Analytics is one of the most comprehensive products that is available for most sub £100m e-commerce companies. It allows you a huge amount of access to data and over the last 12 months has been improved massively – especially around mobile/tablet and PC separation.

So ensure that you have goals, e-commerce tracking and analytics properly configured and regularly check to ensure that any tracking data is properly being collected.

Just so everyone is aware there are also some downsides of GA, as they handle a massive amount of data they average visit data and don’t store absolutely everything, so if you are looking to track things like TV response, you can get an overview in GA but not the level of granularity most people need to attribute web visits to TV spots.

Real time visits can give you an overview of what is happening now, so keep this on your desktop as a shortcut!

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