Daily Archives: July 19, 2013

Back to reality


We have just arrived back to the baking UK where summer is on us and its scorchio…

So just one last post to reflect and share some insight from China.

Just go!

It is an amazing place, not that difficult to get to and quite an easy 10 hour flight, the connections internally (either train or plane) are very reliable and pretty good value so no excuse not to visit more than 2 cities.

It’s changing

I have never been somewhere that is developing so quickly, even though it is steeped in history, things will change very rapidly in the metropolitan areas so visiting Shanghai or Beijing now will be very different to 10 years from now.

There is a lot of tourism

Chinese travel internally quite a lot so it is very well placed for tourism and most of the big sites although busy are easy enough to get to and visit.

Use a tour guide

I personally would use a tour guide and driver as although this adds to the expense a little you can get more done in a day and we still get treated as ‘foreigners’ so we need some help not being ripped off for most services.