Last stop on our whistle stop tour of China is Beijing. We are staying in the very nice Peninsula Beijing right in the heart of Beijing. DJ is very happy as there is a fleet of Lambourghini’s and Rolls Royce Phantoms outside.

I can’t really describe the level of scale of the Forbidden City that we visited today, but comparing it to the Summer Palace that we visited yesterday it is just as grand and inspiring.

The crowds at the Forbidden City consist mainly of Chinese tourists in organised groups with the trademark flag wielding guides who direct the baseball capped members around each area.


Most of the Chinese guides are also taking their groups to Tian’anmen Square which is also vast! A population of Beijing of over 32m people, but I still feel that (apart from the traffic) the city is very accessible.

Here is our Panorama of the Forbidden City (notice DJ’s silly Umbrella hat for 10 Yuan)


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