Obesity data on the street

I think you can tell a lot about obesity statistics in a country by seeing people in their natural habitat.

In China, I have been surprised by the low level of obesity. I know weight watchers have launched here but like most markets it seems that the issue is in a slightly older demographic 35-50 years old). Our guide also believes that morbidity is quite young at around 70 in China, which seems young by western standards.

Men seem a major demographic for obesity rather than women, but as everyone in the diet industry knows a hard market to crack. Most diet companies are 80%+ female, so although men should be dieting they generally don’t!

Younger female demographic I would say are very thin by western standards, comparing the small number of ‘foreigners’ with the Chinese there is definitely a marked difference.

I am sure as the diet becomes more western we will see obesity grow unfortunately..

Here is a street corner photo – the only market research I have done….!


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