Daily Archives: July 16, 2013

Obesity data on the street

I think you can tell a lot about obesity statistics in a country by seeing people in their natural habitat.

In China, I have been surprised by the low level of obesity. I know weight watchers have launched here but like most markets it seems that the issue is in a slightly older demographic 35-50 years old). Our guide also believes that morbidity is quite young at around 70 in China, which seems young by western standards.

Men seem a major demographic for obesity rather than women, but as everyone in the diet industry knows a hard market to crack. Most diet companies are 80%+ female, so although men should be dieting they generally don’t!

Younger female demographic I would say are very thin by western standards, comparing the small number of ‘foreigners’ with the Chinese there is definitely a marked difference.

I am sure as the diet becomes more western we will see obesity grow unfortunately..

Here is a street corner photo – the only market research I have done….!


China Odyssey Tours

We were a little worried before we travelled having booked directly with a Chinese travel company called China Odyssey Tours as they are not local UK firms.

We planned the personal trip with our agent Kalinda, changed it a few times, refined it and made the final decision.

The tour wasn’t cheap but it does include all transport in country, breakfast, lunch and our own guide in every place we visited.

I really can’t complain and would highly recommend them. They are quite a large company but as I said in a previous post they handled our full family requirements well. It was also good to have our own tour as we didn’t need to worry about being too tired or hot we could adjust accordingly.

My only complaint links to the accommodation in the mountains in a more traditional Chinese hotel, which was poor compared to the other accommodation.

Breakfast was also a good start to the day and every hotel had a good mix of western, Chinese and continental breakfast to suit all tastes.

The meals were at lunchtime were all tailored to our requirements and didn’t feel cheap or ‘set’.

The guides were a bit mixed but generally very good, we had an exceptional guide with Helen in Xian that the kids wanted to take home with them.